The Pre-Sale Tea: Trying a New Business Model

The Pre-Sale Tea: Trying a New Business Model

You know what?! After all the self-help books and business books and guided meditations and yoga classes and… and… and... and...

We realize that the best thing we can do for ourselves is to trust our own inner Wisdom, our intuition.

We launched our first pre-sale product yesterday, The Off The Shoulder Joint & we are pretty excited about it! We’ve been sitting on this idea to use this model for years but always second guessed it. 

Every time we sit down and think about the pros & cons of why using a limited edition, presale model can be advantageous for us, we end up with waaaaayyyyyyyyy more pros than cons.

I mean really. The only con is that it won’t “work.” And what do we lose if it doesn’t work. Not a gotdamn thing! Lol.

Here are our pros:

  • Create brand exposure + attract new customers + stay true to our Loyalist customers
  • Build buzz around product
  • Low monetary investment (our only upfront cost is our website + facebook ads= $50)
  • Opportunity to offer more variety + use creative energy to make more products in the future
  • Environmentally sound--no extra shirts sitting around collecting dust/ wasting plant resources, we’re only making what people buy
  • Not wasting merchandise, time, money, or materials
  • Generate cash flow to make more products
  • Allows us to fulfill our mission to create quality, small batch merchandise adding to the idea of worthiness-- PLUS our customers feel special too! (don’t noooooobody got what you got on! Boop!)
  • Customers can rest assured that item is available if purchased during the pre-sale window (& not sold out)

Companies like Teespring, Black Card Revoked, Ticketmaster / Eventbrite have found success using the pre-sale model. We’re going to study them. Tweak what we see to fit our business. And as Kat Williams so eloquently put it-- keep tryin' shit & tryin' shit. 

Sharing our journey and thought processes is important to us. We hope we can help other entrepreneurs along the way. 

Tell us your thoughts. What’s working for your business? Any tips on how to use the pre-sale model successfully?

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