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You know what?! After all the self-help books and business books and guided meditations and yoga classes and… and… and... and... We realize that the best thing we can do for ourselves is to trust our own inner Wisdom, our intuition. We launched our first pre-sale product yesterday, The Off The Shoulder Joint & we are pretty excited about it! We’ve been sitting on this idea to use this model for years but always second guessed it.  Every time we sit down and think about the pros & cons of why using a limited edition, presale model can be advantageous...

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This photo is simply us using what we got. No fancy equipment. Just noontime sunlight, a camera, a large white foam board from Staples, and my grandma's kitchen step stool :)  Sure we enjoy the chance to create in a professional studio, but there is something organically special about using the tools you have, already, right now.  Freedom in real time.

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