WORTHY BEING, The Signature Tee [Cloud 9]
WORTHY BEING, The Signature Tee [Cloud 9]

WORTHY BEING, The Signature Tee [Cloud 9]

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Cloud 9: grey tie-dye

Designer’s Notes:

Wor•thy (adj) - having importance or value  

Be•ing (noun) - absolute existence


See Yourself.

Happiness is your birthright. 

Happiness is your birthright.

Happiness is your birthright.

The phrase "Cloud 9" is a feeling of well being and happiness. We all deserve to experience the blissfulness of life. 

Tap into your best self with this buttery + breathable tee. Perfect gear to turn up or down in. This is silk printed on a combed cotton + poly garment. Features double needle stitching and set-in self neckband.

A lil' tie-dye action to spice up your style.

Because you’re worth it!

Unisex. Fits true to size.

*Buying suggestion: if a more feminine/slimmer fit is desired order one size smaller.


**We are committed to serving our customers in a responsible way to ensure the health and safety of all. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we are unable to accept any returns at this time. Thank you for understanding.

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Why choose us?

God is a Designer.

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'Cuz Symbiosis.

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Cuz everybody eats.