Meet Elizabeth Catlett.

Meet Elizabeth Catlett.

Sharecropper, color lithograph by Elizabeth Catlett

MEET ELIZABETH CATLETT (1915-2012).  A graphic artist & sculptor from Washington DC + Howard University Alumnus. For 70 years she was outchea doing #worthywork, creating pieces that celebrate the heroic strength & endurance of Black & Mexican working-class women. 

Her work was unapologetic in advancing the causes of her people, seeking justice beyond art and into protest. Since the US State Department ain't about that justice life & liberty for all forreal forreal, she was considered an "undesirable alien" and barred from entering the US. So...she moved to Mexico.
Like a G, her exile never tainted her work & remained True to the universal, life-affirming themes that first animated her sculpture work in the 40's, the beauty of the human form and the nobility of the human condition.
Giving thanks to Elizabeth Catlett! 
{sources: + Africana Encyclopedia Vol. 1}
#whoyougonbe #worthybeings #seeyourself

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