Our Intention


Worthy Beings is a noun: a person, a place and a thing. We are the embodiment of creating a life that makes us happy, makes us feel whole and look good while doing so. We are empowering the choices we make and how we choose to adorn ourselves both individually and collectively.

On the surface Worthy Beings is a place where consumers can buy well made, intentional apparel, accessories and home decor. On a deeper level, it is a Force that inspires our physical, mental and *Spiritual* spaces.

We believe Life is in the details. From our garment choices to our packaging, we care. We take pride in sourcing locally and creating positive, fulfilling experiences with our consumers, collaborators, and community partners. We want our consumers to enjoy and love the products we create. We want our collaborators to be financially and Energetically rewarded by working with us. We want our community partners to feel supported in our collective purpose to serve the world.

We promote movement, so rock with us. We appreciate it!

Inspired by the Universe. Made in Trenton, NJ, USA.

Contact us at hello@worthybeings.com